Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: Through Good Times And Bad, Always There


—-Through Good Times And Bad, Always There—-

If I am asked to take the heading apart 

where to start would require an art 

for words can come in a flurry at the start

only to leave you wondering after the fact.


So I am proceeding with my senses intact

Of late what we behold is nothing but tarts 

of both gender so it’s not about class

waiting to find someone unlike that would be so hard.


‘Good times’ are nothing but best laid plans

leaving in their wake so much without cracks

it’s amazing how such emotions stumps pranks

solid comes close but it is much more than that.


‘Bad times’ are the flip sides like broken dams

the rush would sweep so many off life’s paths

depositing them on some dodgy planks 

hopefully they won’t give, else it’s a massive splash.


‘Always there’ is an assurance of a pact 

not in black or white but on a sincere heart

you can breathe now because this will last 

reality check, a gift on that scale is more than all that. 


© S.O.J 

Fri. 18/01/13

14:34hrs gmt

Done as a dare and I am wondering where these words have been hiding all these while.*smile*


For STN – 16 

© S.O.J/Musicwithin1; Thursday 30th       January 2014 ~ 00:16 hrs gmt 

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