Developer allays fears over safety of NIMC self-service app


Developer allays fears over safety of NIMC self-service app

Barnksforte Technology Ltd, an indigenous technology company has reassured Nigerians of the formidable security features embedded in the self-service application launched by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr Dayo Bankole, gave the assurances in a statement on Thursday to lay to rest concerns raised in some quarters regarding the safety of the recently launched App.

He said that necessary security measures had been put in place to ensure that the integrity of the application was thorough, with no gaps for security breach or compromise.

According to him, the self-service mobile application, which is a giant stride in the digitalization of biometric enrollment, was developed by NIMC in partnership with Barnksforte Technologies Ltd.

Bankole said that it was unfortunate that some persons for selfish reasons would discredit such a laudable innovation that had the capacity to change the narrative across Africa and the world at large.

While noting that the narrative that Nigeria’s database would be compromised by foreigners using the self-service application was not only mischievous but an attempt to undermine NIMC’s capability, Bankole, whose company developed the app, said:

“Nigerians should be assured that their biometrics are safe, and the choice of the current NIMC director-general, an expert with proven years of experience is not a mistake. I am disappointed by the masterminds of the wrong reports about the effort of the government to place Nigeria on the world stage in terms of technological advancement.

“Rather than carry out due diligence on the features of the application before going public, they are quick to put out reports to dissuade Nigerians from keying into the present government’s Renewed Hope Agenda in that regard.”

He said if those behind the negative reports had made inquiries, they would have realized that the application process was only part of the whole package.

He added that there was a formidable backend technology to verify every information provided by an applicant.