Abuja civil servants transform Eagle square car park to mini market

Abuja civil servants transform Eagle’s square mini market
Abuja civil servants transform Eagle’s square mini market

Eagle square – Civil servants in Abuja’s Federal Secretariat Complex are creatively utilizing their vehicles’ trunks as impromptu shops due to a lack of parking space.

The Eagle’s Square parking lot, a central location near government institutions, has turned into a bustling marketplace hosting vendors selling a variety of goods, from herbal remedies to clothing and electronics.

These entrepreneurs, both civil servants and non-civil servants, cited economic challenges and the high cost of establishing traditional stalls as reasons for resorting to this unconventional business approach.

While the legality of these roadside markets remains uncertain, it reflects the struggles many face in a challenging economy.

Nigeria’s economic struggles

This unconventional marketplace at the Eagle’s Square parking lot, known for hosting major national events, has become a microcosm of the economic challenges faced by ordinary Nigerians.

Vendors adapt their vehicle trunks as storefronts to earn extra income. While some operate as civil servants alongside their sideline businesses, others rely solely on these impromptu shops for their livelihood.

The challenging economic climate, combined with the high cost of establishing formal businesses, has forced these entrepreneurs to seek alternative income sources.

Despite the potential legal issues, they view this approach as a practical means of survival.

It remains to be seen how local authorities will respond to this grassroots economic phenomenon.