Fulani Cattle Rearers Should Be Banned From Entire Southern Nigeria — Fani-Kayode


A former minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has called on the Nigerian government to immediately ban Fulani Cattle Rearers from Southern Nigeria. 

Reacting to the recent kidnapping of a former Presidential Aspirant, and elder Statesman, Chief Olu Falae by alleged Fulani Herdsmen, he said the sect has become a menace in the South West of Nigeria in particular and in the South in general and called for their immediate ban.

In an essay written over the weekend titled " The Carnage Of The Cattle Rearers", the former minister said it is clear that the carnage and tyranny of the Fulani herdsmen may not end any time soon. He narrated their alleged recent attrocities in the South and condemned those asking not to speak out against them as suffering from "a callous and diseased state"
"How can they expect us to remain silent when our elders and leaders are being terrorised and brutalised on a regular basis. Those that harbor such views and that have such misgivings are suffering from a callous and diseased state of mind and they shall be put to shame," he said.
Tracing the sect nefarious activities, Fani-Kayode said "barely ten days after the abduction and matcheting (yes matcheting) of Chief Olu Falae and on October 1st 2015, which is Nigeria's independence day, the Fulani herdsmen struck again. On that day they abducted a traditional ruler from the Yoruba-speaking area of Kogi state. His name is Oba Adebisi Obademi and they abducted him from his palace in Apa-Bunu in the Kabba-Bunu area of his state. They have asked the family to pay a ransom for his release.
"On the same day they released a 70 year old Yoruba cleric by the name of Pastor Japhet Obafemi who is from Ilepa, Ikare Akoko in Ondo state. They had abducted him and kept him in tortuous captivity for 11 grueling days. Sadly a number of others whose homes were invaded by the herdsmen were not so lucky. Mr. Agbaose Sowetan from Oja-Odan, Ogun state and Mrs. Ayeshi Balogun from Asa village, Ogun state, both of whom were farmers, were not allowed to go home to their families but instead they were murdered in cold blood. According to press reports Mrs. Balogun, who was a mother of three, was gang-raped before being hacked to death, he added.
Fani-Kayode said he has no regrets for describing the Fulani herdsmen as tsetse flies. "Actually they are worse than that because, like Satan, they only come to kill, steal and destroy. It is obvious to any discerning mind that this categorization is limited to those Fulani herdsmen that indulge in barbaric and criminal activities and not the entire Fulani race, he said.