Lifeline With Gerald: The Kidnap!


Today on our news on ABC News network we have a report on “The Kidnap”. Please stay tuned for details…
A very notorious kidnap gang has been uncovered by security forces in a special operation launched to rid the world of the menace of hostage taking. This criminal gang, who have taken hostage people of all tribes and nationality all over the world was formed over 6000 years ago. They have been found to operate in all countries of the world and have a target of kidnapping the young, the old, the rich and the poor. Everyone is a target of this gang, hence, the need for everyone to be informed and alert to avoid being held by this gang. Over the years, people, families, communities, cities and continents have been held hostage by this notorious gang.
Investigations into the activities of this gang, has revealed that their major strategy employed in the abduction of victims has been “Deception” and “Enticement”. This strategy seems to have been employed successfully over the years. It is this strategy, which is unlike the militant approach of many other kidnap gangs, which makes the activities of this gang very elusive and keeps their nefarious activities off the headlines of the national dailies and radio/television news bulletins. Victims are first enticed with some kind of juicy offer and then deceived into following the kidnappers all the way to the hold. In fact, the first recorded case of this attack took place in a particular garden, in a place called Eden, where the victims were enticed with a very delicious looking fruit from the forbidden tree. Most victims of this gang don’t even know they have been held, because of the deception employed by these kidnappers. Blindfolds are also used on the hostages to keep them from knowing where they are and finding a way of escape.
Investigations also reveal that the strongholds of this kidnap gangs are located where security forces and the strongest military forces cannot access. We can conclude conclusively that this gang operates in a place called Spiritual realm. It would take a force skilled in spiritual warfare to attempt any rescue operations to free these hostages. Meanwhile, the kidnappers have slammed an outrageous ransom on the hostages. They demand a payment of blood and insist that either the hostages pay with their blood or the blood of any other who can die in their stead. There is therefore a very urgent need for a rescue force to be mobilized to engage these kidnappers and effect the release of the hostages.
Just before we end this news bulletin, we have a guest in the studio that will help us analyze the situation. He is a security expert and the captain of the special rescue force which has been commissioned for this intervention, please join me welcome the Holy Spirit…
“Sir, please can you help us shed more light on the situation of this kidnap.”
“Thank you very much, you see, kidnapping has become like some sort of virus that is spreading very fast. Kidnap cases have become rampant in many countries and is a real challenge to security forces worldwide. However, this particular kidnap case is so sophisticated and calls for immediate intervention. Today, the world faces the greatest threat, it has been besieged by this evil kidnap gang, yet the News bulletins do not report this. I like to appreciate the effort of ABC News network for bringing this case to the fore.
The Kidnap gang as reported in the news, has been around for over 6000 years. The leader of this gang is Satan and his deputy commanding officer is called Sin. These two, together with their agents, have held many captives, in fact, everyone that was born into this world beginning with the first man Adam and the first woman Eve have been hostages to this gang. A large size of world population is presently being held by these kidnappers. Over 3 billion people worldwide, by conservative estimates, are still in the hold of this gang. In the news, the strategy of deceit and enticement was reported and this is employed as soon as a baby is born, as he gets to the age of accountability, the ploy is intensified until he yields to sin’s appeal.”
“And the Blindfolds?”
“Yes the blindfolds are just the perfect devices Kidnappers use to hatch their nefarious plots. You see, the blindfolds keep hostages, who I shall refer to as Sinners, from knowing where they are, where they are being led to, and who their abductors are! This is the reason sinners do not know their dangerous state and cannot see that Satan is leading them to Hell….It is the blindfolds! It is the blindfolds that keep many people in several false religions as Budhism, Islam, Hinduism, Animalism, Polytheism, Occultism and many others, even Judaism. Kidnappers’ holds are not places you should like to visit in the physical, because victims often recount their ordeals to include torments of various forms. The same ordeals are also the lot of hostages of Satan and Sin. Often, diseases, sicknesses, failures, shame, barrenness, defeat, suicide are some torments Satan metes out on his hostages. Sometimes however, these kidnappers treat their hostages as VIPs. They can sometimes serve “McDonalds” fries, “Mr Biggs” pies and assorted delicacies to their victims. It is this ploy Satan employs when he gives fame, success, power, and riches to some sinners and makes them content to stay on in his hostages camp. Well, it is the same place Satan is leading all his hostages, including the VIPs, to….Hell!
It is to avoid this horrible ordeal and the hellish end that awaits these hostages, that God set up this Special Military force of which I am the Captain. We have the commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to effect the release of all hostages. We are sufficiently equipped to engage the Kidnappers on all fronts and at all levels. Our intervention is strategic and we have so far rescued several billions already, many of whom have since joined our special force code named “The Great Commission”.
The first stage of our intervention has been meeting the ransom condition demanded by these kidnappers. Because everyone was held by this gang, no one could die to set another free. The Son of God had to come down to this world to pay that ransom. Jesus Christ came to be a man, and was the only man who never sinned, hence the perfect r ansom for all men. His crucifixion on the Cross and His shed blood was the ransom God paid to free all men. This event took place over 2000 years ago. He had since resurrected from death and gone back to Heaven in glory and is being expected to come back soon and take along with Him all the people we can free from these kidnappers.”
“So sir, how do people, I mean hostages, benefit from this intervention?”
“It is simple, but nevertheless most important. I like to summarize what the hostage has to do in three letters; A B C. This is what they stand for,
A – Acceptance: This requires that the hostage has to realize he has been held and is a sinner and needs help.
B – Believe: This requires that the hostage must believe the joyful news of the ransom Jesus Christ paid for him or her over 2000 years ago.
C – Confession: This is the last most important stage where the sinner makes an open confession of Jesus Christ as the new Lord of his or her life and pledges total allegiance to Him, hence, renouncing Satan and Sin.
These three things done, Satan has no option but to let go of his captive.”
“What happens if Satan plays smart and refuses to let go?”
“Yes, Satan has been known to be a very crafty fellow and wouldn’t want to let go. This is why our special Military rescue force will now intervene in the second stage of the operation, to forcefully release these hostages and free them from the guilt of sin, rehabilitate them and stop any torments Satan seeks to continue to mete out on them. We have the Word of God as our major weapon, and our weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of all strongholds. I can assure you that these two stages of our strategic intervention have been very successful and there are many freed today who can testify to these facts.”
“Thank you very much Holy Spirit for your work in “The Great Commission” and we appreciate your honoring our invitation and coming along to enlighten us on this Kidnap case.”
“It is my pleasure, thank you too for giving me the opportunity and I also want to appeal to all who have been freed and shall be freed hereafter, to join “The Great Commission” team and carry this gospel to the ends of the world. Everyone has a role to play here, as Intelligence officers(Teachers, Bible Study Leaders, Prophets etc) or as Combatants(Evangelists, Missionaries, Pastors etc) and Armoury/Supplies officers(Encouragers, Comforters, Counselors, Givers etc) and finally Backups(Intercessors). This closely resembles the units of a physical army, and as is the case, every unit is very vital and important for winning this war on Kidnapping. Thank you.”
Wow….Dear Listener (Reader), thank you for staying tuned and reading this long with us. It has been my pleasure bringing you today’s news on ABC News network. I believe you now know the case of “The Kidnap” and how can I allege that you have been held by these kidnappers (Satan and Sin) without offending you? But I do hope now that you see why and how this is the case. I believe that most importantly, you now know how to get your freedom.