Hijab In Lagos State Public Schools? By Kelechi Deca


On my way to work last Saturday, I came across a crowd of young girls at Ojota aged from 12 to 20 or thereabout, all wearing hijab,with placards and banners protesting against the ban on wearing hijab or any religiously explicit dressing at public schools in Lagos.

At first, I was shocked. Seeing so many young girls protesting against the ban.The question I asked myself was: are these girls acting their own script or that of another? Do they truly care about wearing hijab to school?

When I put this side by side to what is playing out at Osun State presently, I get quite worried. Plunging Lagos State into such religious ‘consciousness’ as some are doing underground will take the State 50 years backwards.

Public schools are public schools, and in this part of the world, pupils and students of public schools are known by their uniforms and these uniforms as far as I know are irreligious.

There are a lot of Christian convents that insist girls wear headscarf. There are also a lot of Muslim Schools where girls wear the hijab. But the State has said that hijab is banned in its public schools. Efforts to undermine this, and get young girls whose major concern now should be focus on their education to become ‘politically’ conscious will not end up well. This is how these things start, radicalisation is built first on the premise that another is marginalising you because of your religious convictions. From there, ideas start growing………until….

You are welcome to disagree..

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