I Remember 2014 By, Olulana Alofe


Some will keep on remembering December 1983 and use that against General MB However so many more remember 2014 and all that is on President GEJ!
High school boys murdered in their dormitory at night! Burnt alive! The Chibok girls who have become the symbol of Boko Haram's inhumanity and the Federal Government's inefficiency
Thousands of displaced people showing its lack of empathy and frequent abductions exposing its obstinacy.
He and his team are caught in a rut! The rear tires of PGEJ's government are stuck in the mud and he is driving a rear axle propelled Luxury Sedan instead of the rugged All Wheel Drive SUV needed for Nigeria's rough terrain!
We remember 2014 much more than 1983 and though we did not like what happened in 1983, choosing between that and what happened in 2014 is very, very easy.
The value of one innocent life trumps all! Those who were cut down in 2014 cry out for justice.
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