Ibom Air set to launch regional flights in October

Ibom Air set to launch regional flights in October
Ibom Air set to launch regional flights in October

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, announced during the United Nations General Assembly’s 78th session in New York that the state’s airline will commence regional flights from Uyo in October.

This move is part of the state’s efforts to develop infrastructure in various sectors, including land, air, and sea gateways.

Governor Eno emphasized the state’s commitment to infrastructure development, citing the existence of motorable roads that allow individuals to travel anywhere within Akwa Ibom in just one hour.

This accessibility is particularly crucial for the transportation of agricultural produce from rural areas.

Regarding air infrastructure, Governor Eno highlighted that Akwa Ibom is the first sub-national government in West Africa to own an airline, and the airline already operates throughout Nigeria.

Ibom Air to launch regional flights

In the coming month of October, they plan to launch regional flights from Uyo, further expanding their aviation services.

Governor Eno encouraged investors to seize the opportunity to invest in agriculture in Akwa Ibom, emphasizing the state’s efforts to modernize agriculture practices and provide training for small farmholders.

Initiatives such as setting up a Songhai farm and recruiting and training young people to engage in agriculture are underway. Additionally, plans for storage facilities for farmers are in progress.

Governor Eno expressed his gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for addressing the issue of illegal mining in Nigeria during his UNGA speech.

In line with these concerns, authorities in Akwa Ibom recently took action against illegal mining companies operating in the state.

In a related development, Ibom Air announced its plans to commence daily flight operations between Lagos and Ghana starting on October 17th, 2023.