Lagos government defends spending on SUVs and diffusers, denies N2 billion fans and lights cost


The Lagos State Government has responded to the recent viral post by Funso Doherty, which detailed budgetary allocations for items such as N440 million SUVs for the Chief of Staff’s office and N7 million for fragrance in the governor’s office.

In an official statement signed by Fatai Onafowote, the Director General of the Lagos State Procurement Agency, the government explained that these expenses are aligned with the current economic conditions in the country.

Doherty, a politician and chartered accountant, highlighted the government’s expenditure in a widely circulated post on X, revealing allocations like N440 million for SUVs, N7 million for a diffuser, and N2 billion for fans and rechargeable lamps in the 2023 supplementary budget procurement.

In its response, the Lagos State government acknowledged that while these expenses might seem extravagant to the public, they are not inconsistent with the prevailing economic conditions, emphasizing that they reflect the economic realities of the country.

Addressing the procurement of SUVs and diffusers, the government stated:

“This appears excessive and out-of-tune with both the prevailing circumstances and the people’s mood.

It should be scrutinized as to the need and justification for such a vehicle purchase and also value for the money. This is in tandem with current economic realities.

“On the diffuser, this covers the entire period of 2023, one year. It is also not limited to Mr. Governor’s office but extends to several offices and state houses.”

The government also clarified the reported N2 billion allocation for rechargeable fans and lights in the deputy governor’s office, asserting that the accurate figure was N2,017,840.00 in total.

Doherty had claimed that the government spent N2,017,840,000 on these items, but the government refuted this, stating, “This is not correct. The contract is for N2,017,840.00, and this is what is contained in the Agency’s website as well as the registered letter of Awards.”