Niger State Is Broke – Over N3bn Unaccounted For! By James Bawa


Our findings was confirmed through an official of the Ministry of Finance who does not want his name to be mentioned, that the Niger state financial position is suffering from unaccounted depletion.
The source alleged that over 3 billion naira has vanished into the air since Governor Aliyu’s unbending decision to ensure that his anointed candidate for the state governorship seat sails through. Cashing on the Governor’s present state of confusion and lack of direction, some smart (thieves) around him have engaged in creating and concocting various methods to deceive the state by diverting money for nongovernmental functions.
It is alleged that some group of young men have designed different strategies like requesting for funds to enable them travel to Niger, Togo, Mali, and Ghana respectively to engage some mallams in prayers for the success of Umar Nasko in the impending case before a Federal High Court in Abuja.
The top government official also revealed that most of these agents of prayers only ended packing their entire households to Saudi Arabia under the guise of Umrah only to end up in Dubai at the expense of the citizens of the state government. The governor himself just came back from such jamboree travelling with over 100 of his entourage some of whom are highly respected citizens of the state.
Some of the senior officials funded from this wastage are still outside the country while some are getting ready to move in droves. The official wondered how the state Governor will allow such wastages at the expense of even failure to pay the legal fees to the lawyers defending the case of his loved gubernatorial candidate at an Abuja Federal Highcourt.
God Save Niger State
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