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The Kidney Industrial Complex, By Perry Brimah


A million machines lined up;
Hosted in a controlled environment.
Most centrifugally located;
Some juxtapositioned, manipulate the environment by running their pipes through the center medulla.
At the gates of each machine are highly sensitive sensor apparati;
Testing the precious resource’s content and its pressure…
Communicating global system pressure changes and setting machine operational levels.
Resource is filtered and filtrate flows through the machine’s tubes;
a million machines, a million loads;
3 centimeters of tubes in each;
Convoluted, looped and convoluted again;
Different pipe thicknesses, different responsiveness, manipulating and manipulated by the environment;
All membrane transportation mechanisms apply;
Along the tubes, pumps work actively, adding or removing chemicals to the filtrate;
Waste is added, valuable elements are removed to perfect the distillation.
A countercurrent mechanism:
Based on adjacent flows of two systems of pipes in opposing directions;
Maximizes productivity by using one built gradient to build another gradient;
Like students studying aloud; teaching other students what they have learned;
Like the elderly narrating to the children, two worlds intersect retaining knowledge from the beginning of time;
Concentration is achieved through this maintained hypertonic center.
45 gallons of precious fluid distilled to yield only half a gallon of perfect waste;
The blood rushes at the right purity and pressure, balance is maintained and store the waste in a bladder.
Thank God for a system unconsciously controlled to perfection;
Consciously decide when to let go.
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