Ondo couple and friend murdered by ‘Yahoo Boys’, dumped in toilet


Two lovers and their friend have been murdered in their house located at Aralusi quarters in Akure, the Ondo state capital, by suspected Yahoo Yahoo boys (internet fraudsters).

The lovers, Ojo Akinro, Mary Igwe and their friend, Lamidi Sheriff, were allegedly murdered and their bodies locked up in the toilet to decompose.

It was learned that the girlfriend, Mary, said to be a nurse, was pregnant before her coldblooded murder.

Reports had it that the victims may have drew the ire of their killers, following irreconcilable differences.

It was learned that their friends became apprehensive when all the telephone calls put across to them rang out without a response.

They, according to sources, decided to visit their residence where they met the front door locked and had to break it down to access the flat.

After searching all the rooms, they later discovered their dead bodies inside the toilet where they were dumped by the killers.

They reportedly raised the alarm, which attracted their flat mates and other neighbours.

‘They must have swindled their Yahoo friends’
One of their neighbours told newsmen that “this is a case of murder.

“The victims must have been silenced over a failed deal. You know all these young boys and girls are into so many shady deals.

“Only God knows what went wrong between them that they just decided to kill the three of them just like that.

“It was unbelievable when their corpses were brought out by the Police and taken to the mortuary.

“The lovers live together; many people even believed they are young couple.

“Their killers came through the back door, murdered them and decided to lock up their bodies inside the toilet to decompose.

“The back door was met opened. Their laptops, telephones and other gadgets were still intact inside their flat when some of their friends broke down the front door.

“We suspect that they were killed by Yahoo boys and that means they must have swindled them.

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