Rest On, Amotekun 001


In Ondo State’s embrace, a solemn sigh,
Rotimi Akeredolu, now in the sky.
A battle fought with courage true,
Against the shadows, the cancer grew.

Through trials faced, with strength unfurled,
A leader’s journey in this worldly swirl.
Cancer’s grip, a relentless foe,
Yet Akeredolu faced each blow.

In corridors of power, his voice resounds,
Yet in the silent fight, his courage astounds.
A warrior’s spirit, now at rest,
In cancer’s shadow, he faced the test.

Oh, Governor, valiant and bold,
Your story told, in whispers old.
The pain you bore, the fight you gave,
Now, in peaceful slumber, find your grave.

In Ondo People’s hearts, a void remains,
Yet in the tears, resilience gains.
Akeredolu, your memory strong,
In our hearts, your legacy lives on.