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The Buhari's Presidency And Urgency Of Now, By Maxwell Adeleye


The destiny child of Daura, Muhammad Buhari was sworn-in as Nigeria President on May 29, 2015. He rode to stardom on CHANGE mantra. He promised Nigerians CHANGE in every sectors of the economy. 
However, I wish to declare unequivocally that President Muhammad Buhari has not filled most Nigerians with confidence. Mr. President has been complaining and given excuses from day one. He even said old age will limit his performance.
According to Amnesty International, killings and bombings in the Northern Nigeria have increased by 19%. Buhari promised during the electioneering campaign to publicly declare his asset but he has recanted. 
Today, governance has been grounded in Nigeria. No personnel to run government. The National Assembly gave Buhari a go ahead to appoint 15 Special Advisers but nothing has happened, almost 30 days after. Mr. Buhari is still looking for a Jesus Christ to appoint as his Chief of Staff. Mr. President is busy searching for an Apostle Paul to appoint as Secretary to the government of the Federation (SGF).
Buhari's party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has started crumbling within a month of ascending the throne of democratic rule.
The economy is bleeding. Price of dollars is increasing on daily basis. Naira has been tactically devaluated to please the yearning of International Monetary Funds (IMF). Fuel Subsidy to go to satisfy IMF. Trade is to be liberalized to please the Western powers. 
No clarity of policy and decision making. Hyperbole has been adopted as the trademark of Buhari's government despite being the ruling party. Humbug is the order of the day. It has been indecision, par-ambulating, galavanting, Inconsistency and Confusion galore since May 29.
The immediate past governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero was very worst than Jonathan in terms of performance, yet, Elrufai, the new Kaduna Governor, either forged or manufactured, has earned the confidence of his people. 
Buhari claimed he met an empty treasury, yet, constructing a Helipad at cost of N350million in his Daura's country town was his first priority. Ordinarily, a Helipad should not cost more than N25million. Buhari averred that the nation of Nigeria is hemorrhaging, yet, his last trip to G7 meeting in WEST GERMANY cost Nigerians N257million.
Sadly and most unfortunately, Buhari has started  losing the confidence of his party men. Baba awon boys, Chief Bisi Akande has kicked.
The Jagaban borgu, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has been hibernated. Alhaji Lai Mohammed has embraced unusual silence. Chief Ayo Opadokun said he regret supporting Buhari. A renowned APC supporter,  Dr. Okey Ndibe described Buhari in his article, THE BUHARI'S DISAPPEARING PRESIDENCY as a MISTAKE PRESIDENT.
Another staunch supporter of the APC, Sam Omatseye wrote that BUHARI has lost the string and button of power needed to succeed in a democratic reign. He posited that going by what transpired in National Assembly on June 9,  Buhari has failed his first leadership test.  
Mr. President, sir, i must frankly tell you as a citizen of Nigeria that Nigerians are no fools; they can see, they can hear, they can talk among themselves, they can think, they can compare and they can act in the interest of their country and in their own self-interest. 
Mr. President, with due respect, Nigerians can keenly watch all actions and deeds that are associated with you if they cannot believe your words. I know you have the power to CHANGE the country. I beg you to have the courage and the will with patriotism to use the power for the good of the country. 
Time is of the essence. Though it is too early to rate you but time wait for no one. Mr. President, if you fail, it will take time to reverse the trend and we may miss some golden opportunities. The ovation is still hot, it has not died out yet and there is always life after a decent descent.
 Adeleye writes from, Lagos, Maxwell_adeleye@yahoo.com, @adefolamax, +2347039168005 (SMS ONLY).
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