UN Secretary-General presents $3.3 billion for 2024 regular budget


UN Secretary-General presents $3.3 billion for 2024 regular budget

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday delivered the proposed 2024 regular budget of $3.3 billion to the UN General Assembly’s fifth committee.

The fifth Committee of the General Assembly is responsible for administrative and budgetary matters.

Guterres explained that this budget submission was prompted by the numerous challenges faced by Member States, emphasizing the increasing importance of the United Nations in addressing these challenges.

He expressed the need for a total of $3.3 billion to fully execute the organization’s mandates, which includes 10,334 positions, with a net increase of 199, mainly for implementing new inter-governmental mandates.

In his words, “The role of the United Nations has never been more vital – and we are stepping up our efforts,’’ he said.

To fully implement our mandates, the UN secretary-general said, “we would require a total of US$3.3 billion.”

“This includes a total of 10,334 posts, a net increase of 199, excluding special political missions. Most of the additional posts are required to implement new inter-governmental mandates,’’ he added.

Guterres expressed concern about the deteriorating financial position of the UN in the current year, noting that collections through the end of the third quarter have been lower.

To be precise, the organization has collected only 64% of its dues this year, a decrease from 71.9% in 2022 and 82.7% in 2021.

“Specifically, we have collected only 64% this year compared to 71.9% in 2022 and 82.7% in 2021,’’ he said.

He, nevertheless, urged Member States to meet their financial obligations in a timely and complete manner.