Ventra Consult unveils empowerment program to address digital skills gap

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Mr Victor Femi-Fred

Ventra Consult unveils empowerment program to address digital skills gap

Determined to address the country’s digital skills gap and to enable young school graduates acquire the requisite digital skills that will make them employable, Ventra Consult is bringing Digital Badge Certification to Nigeria.

Addressing the media on Nigeria’s digital skills gap at its Lagos office recently, the Lead Consultant at Ventra Consult, Mr. Victor Femi-Fred, said the consulting firm was able to identify various digital skills gap among organisations and decided to bridge such gap, through training and certification, where digital badge would be awarded on specific programmes.

Ventra Consult is an expert in Leadership, Sales and Business Consulting, and is carrying out this digital skills certification in partnership with Credly, on the Acclaim platform, which is a world leading digital credential provider.

According to Mr Femi-Fred, his organization was able to identify various digital skills gap in businesses such as inadequate revenues, inconsistent activity levels, inaccurate sales projections, complex selling circles account management, emotional intelligence, time management, among others plaguing employed and unemployed individuals and also businesses in Nigeria.

He adds that Ventra Consults have designed global certification programme to address the business challenges, and digital badge that is globally recognised will issued at every successful training programme and examination.

According to Femi-Fred, Ventra Consult leverages strength on expertise from various sales and industry learning concepts and practical approach to ensuring success.

“Ventra engages with organisations towards meeting their set objectives through customised designed learning and development programs. Our expertise is engineered to provide a return on investment (ROI) from learning and development programs investments. Our processes are tailored to meet individual and organisational set objectives with culminating testimonials.We deliver our training program aligned with the desired goals, vision and objectives based on the scope of the requirements with a long term view,” Femi- Fred added.

The partnership is designed to transform knowledge, skills, and achievements into digital credentials that empower individuals to capture opportunities while organizations and establishments also measure their workforce impacts.

With the partnership, Ventra Consult joins global leading organisations such as Adobe, IBM, Pearson, Madison College, Oracle, Comptia and Dell among other elites to transform accomplishments into digital credentials through the issuance and certification of a digital badge.

Given further details on digital badge, Femi-Fred said: “A badge issued through Acclaim is a digital representation of a learning outcome, experience or competency. Based on the Open Badges Standard, Acclaim badges can be shared and verified online in a way that is easy and secure even in absentia of the holder of the badge authenticating its validity. Each badge contains detailed information that provides context around what exactly was achieved, which organisation certified the individual and the space of expertise of the holder.”

Speaking on the benefits of digital badge, Femi-Fred said it could easily be managed, share and verify learning achievements across social media platforms, and that it globally grants holders of digital badge, a distinct identity based on their skill sets accomplishments.

“It also grants people access to both local and international labour markets and enable them to see employers looking for their type of skillsets. Globally, more than 70 per cent badge earners confirm improved job opportunities, while globally, over 20 per cent badge earners confirm receipts of job offers, while over 20 per cent badge earners confirm job promotion on sharing their badges,” Femi-Fred added.

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