Who Will Break The Jinx In Oyo State? By Ismael Taiwo


Barely a twinkle of an eye to start political campaigns in all nook and crannies of Oyo State, it is very glaring that some political gladiators in a Pace Setter State have started displaying their strengths and intention to steer the mantle of leadership of our dear State. Posters with different inscriptions flood everywhere while some are still yet to be pasted.

Who will break the JINX? It is a known fact that since the creation of Oyo State, no governor has served two terms in office, this is attributed to the widespread yoruba words “Ibadan kii sin ‘yan lee meji” (Ibadan people are not ruled twice). Several people have led Oyo State with the intention of governing the State for the second term but the tenacity of “Ibadan kii sin ‘yan lee meji” proved them wrong.

In as much as I condemn this tenacity of “Ibadan kii sin ‘yan lee meji” because it speaks seccession for other regions but I will not conclude this piece without analytical expression of politics in Oyo State.

Former AGF, Barrister Bola-Ige served the people of Oyo State with the belief of some that he tried for Oyo State, he launched his ambition of serving his people again but he was turned down by the people of Oyo State. Without boring you with my analysis, people believed also that Alhaji Lam Adesina was the Messiah of dividends of democracy during his tenure but sequels to this he could not break the jinx. The Wolu of Oyo State as he used to be called by his admirers, he served the people of Oyo State and some of his admirers believed he tried on his own part but unable to come back.

Should we agree that Oyato Governor as he was fondly called by his fans could not return to the government house despite his strong affirmation that he would break the jinx? Since the departure of Alao Akala, many Analysts have begun putting their pens on papers to assess the one-term tenure of the former Governor, Alao-Akala. Some say he would have broken the jinx if not because of the internal crisis within his party, some believe that it was because of the disagreement between him and some royal leaders in Oyo State while some believe it was because of “Omo wa ni e je o see” (we want our son) belief of Ibadan people.

Without gainsaying, any Governor that successfully breaks this tenacity will be forever referred to as a LEGEND of Oyo State. Will Ajimobi break the record? Without biasedness, Oyo State has worn a new look under the current regime but there are still some lapses which should be corrected in his regime. Many people have been saying his government has brought peace back to Oyo State as we all know that Oyo State was previously referred to as the den of criminals. Many are saying Ibadan which was referred to as the most dirtiest State in Nigeria has regained its integrity under him while many are saying that the unemployment rate has been drastically reduced under him as a result of Youth Empowerment Scheme initiated by him but as many people are saying the good side of his regime so also some are saying negative side of his government with some people that believe he is an anti-poor people. Many have even predicted his woe comes 2015 while some believe that if people judge his unprecedented achievements he would surely return to the State Government comes 2015 general election.

To crown this piece up, we would recall that the three problems that stood as barriers for the previous Oyo State Governors from leading the people of Oyo State twice whether they performed or not are: intra-party crises, disagreement between the royal fathers/some elites and the marginalisation of a particular region.

Going by the above mentioned barriers, can Ajimobi break the JINX?

Ismael Taiwo A writes in from Oyo State.

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