X unveils feature allowing creators to receive DMs only from paid users

US SEC seeks court action to compel Musk's testimony
US SEC seeks court action to compel Musk's testimony

X has rolled out a fresh feature designed to offer content creators greater control over their direct messages (DMs). The announcement was made via the official X page on Friday.

This new feature enables content creators to receive DMs exclusively from subscribers bearing the coveted blue tick mark.

X empowers creators

Creators now have the autonomy to decide who can message them.

Many X users view this feature as a valuable tool to filter out unwanted messages and manage their communication more effectively.

It is perceived as a strategy to boost the number of subscribers for content creators, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, shared her thoughts on the feature, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to supporting creators.

She mentioned that X has already disbursed nearly $20 million to creators, highlighting the platform’s role in enabling the economic success of this growing segment.