APC issues warning to NADECO over potential embarrassment of Tinubu

APC issues warning to NADECO over potential embarrassment of Tinubu
APC issues warning to NADECO over potential embarrassment of Tinubu

The United States chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has issued a stern warning to the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) regarding their scheduled press conference addressing the controversy surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s academic credentials from Chicago State University.

The APC has strongly asserted that the school has already verified the authenticity of the President’s academic certificate.

This caution comes just two days after David Adenekan, the Publicity Secretary of NADECO USA, announced the organization’s intention to hold a global press conference at Chicago City Hall on Monday, commencing at 9:45 a.m.

The purpose of this press conference, as explained by Adenekan, is to provide an opportunity for journalists and the international community to raise inquiries and engage in a thorough investigation into the alleged forgery of President Tinubu’s CSU certificate.

In response to these developments, the Chairman of APC USA, Prof Tai Balofin, has expressed strong disapproval, characterizing the initiative as a smokescreen aimed at defaming the President.

Balofin argued that the issue regarding Tinubu’s educational certificate has already been resolved, with Chicago State University confirming its validity.

Moreover, he criticized NADECO USA, which he labeled a spurious group, for discussing a matter that is already under the purview of the courts.

According to Balofin, “The allegation surrounding President Tinubu’s educational certificate from Chicago State University has been addressed, with CSU confirming the certificate’s authenticity.

It is crucial to note that this matter is already in the hands of the appropriate authorities, specifically the courts, where due process and legal procedures will be followed.”

Balofin called on the supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and Peoples Democratic Party candidate Atiku Abubakar to await the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision.

He also clarified that the group organizing the World Press Conference under the NADECO USA banner is not the original NADECO that President Tinubu was a part of during the Abacha era, cautioning the public against potential historical distortion.

Balofin stressed that baseless allegations risk diverting attention from more significant issues deserving scrutiny.