#JusticeForHinyUmoren: Nigerians Suspect Foul Play, Demand Further Probe


Nigerians have slammed Uduak Akpan, the suspected killer of 26-year-old jobseeker, Iniubong Umoren, for the comments he made when he was paraded on Friday, accusing the police of staging the parade.

They described Akpan’s accounts of the incident as “incoherent and illogical.”

Akpan, who was paraded at the Akwa Ibom State Police Headquarters in Uyo, alongside his father, had said he killed Umoren in self-defence, when she “became violent.”

Appearing in a shirt with the inscription “The Mudder Squad,” he spoke to journalists about what transpired between him and the deceased.

Akpan confessed to have invited the victim for a phony job interview and decided to have sex with her afterwards.

He said, “I told her that before we could even start, I would like to have sex with her and she agreed but she gave a condition that I should use a condom, which I agreed to. While I removed the condom, she became furious and picked a stabiliser to hit me on my head. She bit my left ring finger.

“While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the stabiliser to hit her. She fell and died thereafter. I have raped six girls under the guise of giving them jobs. I am not happy about what has happened.”

However, @Yemihazan, one several Twitter users who accused Akpan of incoherence, wondered why she would hit him because he removed a condom.

The tweeter said, “Plus, where is the scar of the injury from her hitting him? They gave him a script to play, to paint Hiny as guilty too. I’m sure she never agreed to any sex and the nature of the [illegal] job.”

Similarly, @IconicTitan said, “You say someone hit you on your head with a stabiliser? Okay. Where’s the wound?”

@IkatariNelson also described the suspect’s narrative as “a written script,” adding that “he was practically speaking what he was told.”

@Ami said she was not comfortable with the way he was being treated, as if he did nothing.

He wrote, “If it is armed robbers or fraudsters, they will sit them down on the ground with only boxers. Now, look at the murderer who claims only six ladies have fallen victim. He is well-fed, dressed and given a seat to relax like nothing is going on.”

Another user, @MarvyLeeee, stated, “You invited someone for a job interview and she got there. You told her there was no job and you asked her to sleep with you and she agreed? May Ini’s spirit disturb you till you confess and say the truth.”

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