Most downloaded virtual dollar card apps in Nigeria: Top 5 picks

Most downloaded virtual dollar card apps in Nigeria: Top 5 picks
Most downloaded virtual dollar card apps in Nigeria: Top 5 picks

Despite the challenges posed by forex scarcity, some virtual dollar card providers continue to offer their services in Nigeria.

Virtual dollar cards are digital cards denominated in US dollars, used for online transactions.

These providers have become essential for Nigerians seeking to make international payments online, as many traditional banks suspended such services on naira debit cards last year.

While these virtual card providers have their issues, such as exchange rates and card fees, they are helping Nigerians overcome the hurdle of international payments.

Several fintech apps in Nigeria now offer virtual dollar card services.

Here are the top 5 based on their Google Play Store download numbers as of August 2023:

  1. Bitnob (100,000+ downloads): Bitnob is a money transfer app that allows users to send and receive money within African countries and globally. Users can also buy, sell, and save bitcoin on the app and make unlimited online payments with its virtual dollar card.
  2. Payday (500,000+ downloads): Payday offers users virtual USD, GBP, and EUR accounts, providing a secure way to manage money globally. The virtual card feature allows online payments without revealing personal banking information.
  3. Eversend (1 million+ downloads): Eversend facilitates cross-border payments across multiple African countries and the UK. Its virtual dollar card allows international payments on various global platforms.
  4. ALAT by Wema (1 million+ downloads): ALAT is a digital-only brand operated by Wema Bank. It offers a complete banking package, including virtual dollar cards for international payments.
  5. Chipper Cash (5 million+ downloads): Chipper Cash is a cross-border payments app used by millions of people across several countries. It provides a reloadable virtual visa card for online payments.

These virtual card providers have become crucial for Nigerians looking to make international online purchases and payments.